When Ford brought the Ford GT back to the market in 2017, it took the market by surprise with its great looks and presence. The twin turbo charged V6 engine was a modern twist on its predecessor.

Ford has just recently unveiled the Liquid Carbon edition at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show, the Ferrari competitor with the Ford badge price tag meant business and the Liquid Carbon edition with its no paint, full carbon body edition is here to give the competition a run for its money. The full exposed carbon body with symmetrical carbon weave it amazing to look at up closely. Ford has increased some of the intake vents to increase it track performance. The carbon wheels are now also available for this new Liquid Carbon edition, as before they were unavailable with the heritage Ford GT’s.


Getting to the powerplant, Ford has tweaked the twin turbo charged V6 to produce 660hp over the previous 647hp backed by a 7-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox. They have also gained some more torque due to better breathing capabilities from larger vents and cooling system. Another great thing about the Liquid Carbon edition is the titanium exhaust now comes standard, as before it was an option from Ford. The exhaust saves weight, adds performance and a better sound.

Again, if you want one of these Liquid Carbon edition Ford GT’s, you will have to be approved by Ford to get one. An application form will have to be filled out & you’ll probably have to either be someone important like an actor or own a previous generation Ford GT. Prices are estimated now at over $500,000 USD. Ford are talking about making only 12 cars per year at this stage up until 2022.