The new BMW M8 Competition is the most expensive M car in the line-up, if you want to spend more money on your M8 you can select the ‘Ultimate Pack’ which is like saying “give me every option available”. For this you get more carbon, carbon ceramic brakes with flashy gold calipers, more speed up to 304km/h. The M8 is also the most powerful M car produced so far, the 4.4 litre single turbocharged V8 produces 616hp & 515 lbs of torque.

The M8 has stiffer suspension than the BMW 850i and a feature to disconnect the front driveshafts to make the car rear wheel drive only. It also doesn’t have the four-wheel steering which came on the 850i.

BMW say this is the first M car in their luxury segment, with its diamond pattern & stitching in the leather, plus the M sport seats. The gear selector looks like a more normal item than the spaceship looking selectors from previous and other models. The M8 comes with a multitude of buttons inside, one extra button that BMW have added is the ‘M mode’ button, found near the gear selector. This gives you three modes: Road, Sport & Track, which in conjunction with the digital instrument cluster and the central dashboard screen focuses on the modes & changes accordingly to which mode you select. The multitude of ‘M’ modes also allows you to select different brake settings from ‘Comfort’ & ‘Sport’, comfort being a bit less sharp than sport mode setting.

The BMW M8 Competition comes with an 8-speed dual clutch gearbox, which helps these almost two tonne cars go from 0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds. For such a big car it handles surprising well and we have BMW’s M division to thank for that.
If you like this car, you should also consider the convertible version which may feel even more luxurious.