The newest version of the Chiron isn’t about speed, it was built out of inspiration from the Bugatti Gran Turismo Vision concept car. It comes in the well know two tone Bugatti blue & bare black carbon with black magnesium wheels. The Pur Sport will be limited to only sixty vehicles, top speed from the W16 engine is limited to 350km/h with 1500hp and 1600nm of torque. Bugatti reduced the overall weight by 50kgs, this car is slower than the previous Chiron’s, but they have done this to make it more of a sports car and not focusing on top speed like a typical supercar or hypercar. They have concentrated on some more design features like the huge rear wing with angled supports that almost form a big X on the rear with the huge carbon diffuser and complimented with twin 3D printed titanium exhaust tips. The gearbox has been overhauled, with different internals with gearing being reduced by 15% across all gears giving it a 0-100km/h in 2.3 seconds.

The Pur Sport has huge open vents on the front with a large carbon splitter and rear diffuser, also to help with downforce they have added vents above the front wheels on the guards like so many other manufacturers are doing. An optional extra are the magnesium wheels with built in fans to help cool the brakes, the fans also do the same as the vents on the guards by reducing air pressure in the wheel arches to aid in downforce. These magnesium wheels are also light, saving 16 kilos of unsprung weight. The tyres are new from Michelin, twenty-inch front & twenty-one rears. They are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Two R tyres. The suspension geometry has been redesigned with stiffer spring rates front & rear and now also using carbon anti-roll bars.

The interior remains like the Chiron but with two tone Alcantara to the door panels and other areas to form an elegant place to be. The Pur Sport now being more of a sports car now gets an extra setting called ‘Sports Plus on the steering wheels drive mode dial, which Bugatti says allows you to drift this 1500hp car!