The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye is a mouthful for a name of a car, and we did not even say widebody at the end as that would be the pick for us. The name Hellcat comes from a WWII fighter plane, which was a carrier fighter type plane. The Redeye, based on 0-100kph time, horsepower and quarter mile time is the most powerful muscle car for sale at the moment. The 2.7 litre twin screw supercharged bolted on top of the 6.2 litre V8 Hemi produces 797hp & 707ft torque. The 0-100kph comes at 3.4 seconds, the quarter mile time is 10.80 seconds at 210kph. Brakes are six piston Brembo performance brakes up front and Brembo four piston performance brakes at the rear. The widebody model comes with 20×11” carbon black forged aluminium rims with 305 section tyres on all four corners. The transmission is an 8-speed paddle shift automatic, the Redeye comes with two keys, a black key that limits the power to 500hp & a red key that gives you the full 797hp. The superchargers whine is very addictive when you drive it, along with that V8 rumble. The suspension is multilink, and it handles the 2000kgs of weight well, there are three settings to choose from: Street, Sport & Track mode. Sport mode is best suited to the street allowing you to have some fun whilst still retain good steering weight.

The Redeye is not just a straight-line car anymore, its wide body and wide tyres help it go round corners, so now you can go to the track and the drag strip in the same day. The Redeye comes also with a line lock feature and launch control for those drag strip days. If you want a drag specific car, check out the Dodge Challenger Demon. The Redeye is another retro muscle car that Dodge has created to serve the purpose of doing more than just going straight. The hood/bonnet on the Redeye has twin scoops compared to the Demon’s one large scoop. The widebody which is our preferred model is a more expensive option making it 3.5” wider but allows for 305 section performance Pirelli tyres. So, this makes it the top of the range model in Dodge’s line up of Challengers.

The interior style hasn’t changed much since the first retro Challenger was introduced, but you can up spec the seats to full leather or Alcantara and more corner hugging style seats, you get Hellcat embroidered into the seat backs, the interior of the Dodge Challenger sets it apart from the other muscle cars in its class with customisations from the steering wheel to the seats, five-passenger seating. Dodge also allows you to delete the rear seat if you want. The advanced Uconnect systems are the largest available touchscreen available; this system can also analyse your driving and the cars statistics. Heritage Tic-Toc-Tach gauges flank the 7-inch reconfigurable driver information digital cluster display that includes 0-60 time, a lap timer and available turn-by-turn navigation. You can also choose between the Alpine 11 speaker system or the Harman Kardon 18 speaker system with a subwoofer. There are loads of options and packages to enhance you Redeye inside and outside.

For myself, being a fan of the 1971 movie Vanishing Point with the 1970 Dodge Challenger, this car for me in white would be a dream car that is more obtainable and a more modern version of the 1970 Challenger.