This new mid-front engine V8 plus 2 coupe from Ferrari is here to rival the Aston Martin V8 Vantage & the Mercedes AMG GT. This is Ferrari’s fifth new car since 2019, it is placed in the large Ferrari family line up after the F8 Tributo. Some will say the Roma is a direct competitor to the Ferrari Portofino, but the differences are in the specifications. The 3.9 litre twin turbo V8 engine produces 620hp & it is connected to the new 8-speed twin clutch gearbox that was introduced on the SF90 Stradale. 0-100km/h comes in at 3.4 seconds, top speed is 320km/h, this all is achieved due to it weighing 80kgs less than the Portofino mainly because of the Portofino’s heavy electric roof mechanisms.

Design wise, the Roma reminds me of the Aston Martin DB10 James Bond prototype car, but when you get closer to the Roma you will notice more details like the grill and the headlights with added design flare. This is more reminiscent of the Ferrari Monza SP’s.
Ferrari have gone with a minimalism approach when it came to the design touching on their heritage designs from the 1960’s, making the Roma a simple but elegant flowing designed GT car. The overhanging pointy nose and wide bonnet flow well to the roof line and the lack of fixed rear wing help these beautiful lines flow from front to back. There is a hidden rear wing at the base of the rear window that has three positions based on how much downforce is required. I also like the lack of bonnet vents, which give it a more elegant look over the race car inspired look from other Ferrari models.

The all new sport and luxury interior from Ferrari’s has its usual assortment of materials to make it feel like a special place. A large digital instrument cluster for the driver and a passenger digital display along with a central display screen show you everything you and you passenger need to know. The interior has been designed in a symmetrical fashion creating a driver and passenger dual cockpit design concept, these are defined by stripes that emphasise the two areas, this extends from the dashboard to the rear seats.
Pricing, both local and international, has yet to be announced. The Roma is expected to arrive in Australia towards the end of 2020