Back in 1989 the Honda / Acura NSX was unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show which was Honda’s first attempt at making a supercar. This new second generation NSX launched in 2016, it had some big footprints to follow in. The new NSX is wider & heavier than its predecessor, power on the new NSX is derived from a twin turbo 3.5 litre V6 and three electric motors to give a total of 427 kw of power, this is backed by a nine-speed auto gearbox. 0-100km/h takes about 3 seconds thanks to the instant torque from the combined electric motors and petrol engine.

The interior isn’t lacking in the looks department either, starting with the steering wheel that has indents on the back for your hands giving you a good grip of the wheel. The NSX interior has great forward visibility thanks to its class leading ergonomics and slim A pillars. The NSX was designed from the inside out, concentrating on the drivers seating position.
The NSX also benefited from a slight facelift and this got you updated software, improved anti-roll suspension components & new Continental Sport Contact Six tyres. All this results in a more positive handling package. Combine this with the Brembo brakes you can corner and brake better than before.

So, is this a worthy successor to the first generation NSX? It’s certainly a great car in its own right, with bundles of technology and hybrid enhancements. It was never going to be a direct competitor to the previous NSX, so we can’t compare it because technology has come along a long way. Honda have just found new ways to amaze you with their technology & engineering.