Is the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ the last naturally aspirated (NA) V12’s we’ll see from Lamborghini? The SVJ variant of the Aventador Super Veloce (SV) is even more extreme with its 759hp / 720nm of torque naturally aspirated (NA) 6.5 litre V12 being driven though all four wheels with a seven-speed single clutch gearbox for more brutal gear shifts. The SVJ differs from the previous Aventador SV by the following changes: rear wheel steer, active aerodynamics which helps with turning at speeds and more carbon fibre reducing weight. The SVJ has a top speed of 350km/h, 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds. Under heavy corner braking the AWD system will disengage the front drive system to let the front wheels concentrate on steering only. As soon as you start to exit the corner and apply more throttle the AWD system will feed more power to the front wheels.

The SVJ comes in a coupe or a roadster, the changes from the previous Aventador SV include a redesigned front bumper, new rear wing, large side skirts and its all lighter due to the use of more carbon fibre. The exhaust is higher in the rear. Lamborghini are making sixty-three special edition models which will be called the SVJ 63, you get exclusive colours and finishes.

The SVJ’s interior also gets the carbon fibre treatment extending to the seats, centre console and the doors, which – as they should go up in Lamborghini’s traditional fashion. The rest of the interior is treated to an array of leather with cross stitching and alcantara upholstery. There is also an SVJ plaque to remind you, you’re in something special.

Lamborghini aren’t giving up with the big V12 naturally aspirated (NA) concept easily, but the next generation Aventador won’t have turbos or superchargers, it will most likely be a hybrid electric assisted V12. In my opinion you can’t beat the sound of a NA V12!