If you’re like me and love the looks of the McLaren 720s over the McLaren Senna, this could be the answer, the all new McLaren 765 Long Tail or 765LT for short. The new 765LT shares some components from the Senna’s parts department, it’s a lighter & faster version of the 720s with more aerodynamics. As the name suggests it has 765hp, 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds, the engine is the same 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 producing 590 ft pounds of torque. They achieved this speed by removing 80kgs of weight from the rear windows using polycarbonate, no carpets, carbon fibre bucket seats from the Senna, all carbon fibre body panels & the forged aluminium wheels with titanium bolts. The brakes calipers are also borrowed from the Senna with standard carbon ceramic rotors, which you can also upgrade to the Senna cured carbon ceramic rotors for more life. The suspension is an upgraded version of the 720s active hydraulic suspension with stiffer spring rates front and rear.

More weight savings come from the full titanium exhaust system, even though it has gained two extra exhaust exit pipes. The rear spoiler is larger than the 720s with a centre cut out to prevent the exhaust flames from melting it. We also see front guard vents to prevent front wheel arch air build up and allow brake cooling. The complete carbon front splitter is all new to give the car more downforce, same with the rear diffuser being larger and made from carbon fibre. To save more weight you can option to remove the stereo and the air conditioning system if you want an all-out track weapon. But the 765LT with these options included can be driven as a streetcar.

Although this car is a Long Tail (LT), the front of the car was stretched slightly, so should it be called a Long Nose (LN)? Maybe not!

The 765LT is the replacement of the 675LT, so it will be interesting to see some comparison articles and videos in the future.