When I think of a GT car, the Mercedes AMG GT is one of the first cars to spring to mind. The AMG GT S is the model above the AMG GT with 503hp & 479lbs of torque. The gearbox is a seven-speed double clutch which is operated using the steering wheel mounted paddle shifters in manual mode. The gearbox has several modes being: Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus & Race modes. But Race mode only comes if you option the ‘Dynamic Plus’ package. With the ‘Dynamic Plus’ package you also get firmer suspension and dynamic gearbox mounts. The gearbox is a little slow on downshifts but faster on the upshifts. The AMG GT S weighs 1600kgs and as a result of this you can get from 0-100 in 3.8 seconds, with a top speed of 312km/h. You can option to add carbon ceramic brakes to the AMG GT S, which might be advisable with such a high top speed and if you plan to track your AMG GT S.

The interior on these cars are one of the best looking from Mercedes in my opinion for a sports car, of course Mercedes luxury cars have great interiors too with mood lighting and big screens etc. But the AMG GT S centre console is the cherry on the cake with its array of buttons and gear lever etc. Its width gives you a feeling of a large gearbox under the console which is attached to an even larger engine up front.

One of the things this Mercedes is known for is the exhaust sound, the angry burble is intoxicating with the switchable sports exhaust system. Even in its quiet mode though, it still sounds good. The AMG GT S has a lot of DNA from the SLS Black Series and handles well around the corners.