I believe Porsche designers wanted a twentieth century version of the Porsche 365 speedster, let’s look a bit closer at this beautiful car. Based on the 991 platform the Speedster is a Porsche GT product which means it has the performance to match the looks. Speaking of performance, we can thank the 4.0 litre flat six-cylinder engine with 503hp for more power than the GT3. Coupled with a manual gearbox with a switchable auto-blip button so you can choose to heel and toe or not.

0-100km/h is achieved at four seconds flat; this could be because the Speedster weighs 50kgs more than a manual GT3. You also get rear wheel steer, limited slip differential & dynamic engine mounts. The suspension has been slightly re-tuned to suit.

This Speedster has a roof, (not like the Bentley Bacalar Speedster, refer to our other article for more information).The Speedster concept car only had a tonneau cover, but Porsche decided come production time a roof was needed, the soft top roof is erected with a mix of manual operation and finished off electronically.

As on some of the old 356 Speedsters, you can specify on the new Speedster a ‘Heritage Pack’ which gives you gold badging just like the 356’s had. This pack also gives you the old Porsche shield type badging to pay tribute to the older generation Porsches.

So, has removing the roof changed the characteristics of the GT3 platform and the chassis control, we think not. The Speedster isn’t designed to go around a track like its GT3 sibling, its designed to be more fun and to experience open roof motoring on the road. This is the last car to be produced under the 991 platform and what a model to do so.